Successful leaders make sure that they never stop learning and that they look for ways to grow as a person every single day. There are good days in business and there are rainy days as well, and at times we feel tired of fighting and it seems like we are stuck in one place. This is why it’s important to acknowledge even our smallest achievements daily.

If we wire our brains to notice the positive events in everything we do, then we can go back to our desk the next day with renewed energy and motivation. Here are the 6 questions you should ask yourself every night before going to sleep.

How many seeds have you planted?

Leaders who live by a vision know that success doesn’t happen overnight and that the actions we take today pay off months or years later. Acknowledge every step you have taken towards your future goals and make sure that you are consistent with your routine!

“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.” – Robert Louis Stevenson

According to the research conducted by Phillippa Lally, habits take at least 66 days to form as opposed to the common belief that people internalize a new behavior pattern in 21 days. If learning a new language seems impossible for you with your busy schedule then just take 10 minutes each day to practice with an app and your efforts will accumulate over time. It is more efficient to spend a fraction of an hour day by day with learning a new skill or preparing for our long-term business goals than trying to change the world before sunset.

How many dots have you put down today?

Small, consistent steps are important but we also need to pay attention to closing the loop. When we juggle between a myriad of projects and commitments we often start working on 5 different ideas and then finish none of them. Even if it’s just writing a thank you email you have been pushing aside or taking up something you left off months ago, these efforts will ensure that you don’t disperse your energy and you are aware of your limits. Once you complete something, celebrate and appreciate these achievements at the end of the day.

What makes you grateful?

Expressing gratitude is one of the most common daily habits of successful entrepreneurs. It helps them be more present and find happiness every single day instead of always chasing the next thing and waiting for an event in the distant future. You can write these positive moments in a journal or visualize them while meditating. Make a (mental) list of everything from a delicious lunch you had with a coworker to a compliment you received from on a stranger on the way home. Sometimes, the smallest things can be the most important ones as well.

How did you give back to the world today?

Asking yourself this question daily can draw your attention to the opportunities where you can help people around you. You don’t have to donate or volunteer every single day, maybe all it takes is just opening the door for someone or having a chat with your team member who seems troubled. Giving back will help you find a connection with people and it does make the world a better place.

What was my greatest lesson today?

Making mistakes is a necessary part of your personal development but only if you learn from them. Remember all the situations you wanted to act differently and make sure you only make a mistake once. Listen to people who give you advice, it’s less painful to learn from other people’s failure if you have the chance to learn from them.

How can I make the best out of tomorrow?

Planning every hour of your upcoming day in and outside of the office and keeping your top 3 goals for the day in mind can increase your productivity significantly. If you write down your focus for the next day it will be easier to let go of your worries and have a good night’s sleep. While your body rests, your subconscious mind will prepare you for your upcoming challenges so by the time you wake up in the morning, you will be determined and ready for a new start!