How to Maintain A Balanced Family Life With A Busy Work Schedule

How to Maintain A Balanced Family Life With A Busy Work Schedule

When schedules get longer and responsibilities grow bigger it becomes a challenge to take care of family relationships. They are the ones who are there for us at times of overcoming failure and celebrating success and we do the same for them as much as we can. However, sometimes we need to sacrifice some family events, which is alright as long as we pay attention to these significant habits in our homes.

Commit to a few rituals

Each relationship and family have their own rules and customs that support a healthy family life, which might differ completely from your neighbours and friends. Some find it important to have breakfast together or talk about their days over dinner, some go out for a weekly family date no matter what comes up. Maybe it’s just a special kind of greeting or the notes you leave for each other on the fridge. It can be the time spent together or just expressing love in simple ways and paying attention to each other. Even if it takes two seconds before leaving the house in the morning, it can make a lot of difference and help stay close to our loved ones.

These bonds will give a solid foundation to our lives so that we can handle any change. If you have healthy relationships with the ones in your household and the people closest to you then you will have more strength to face conflicts at work and more energy to take risks. Family rituals are one of the best tools to strengthen these connections and the more meaningful and dynamic they are the better they work.

Manage your time attention

You wouldn’t get angry at people who are chasing their dreams and don’t have as much time to spend with you like they used to. But you would get disappointed at someone who sits across the table and checks his phone or stares at something else while you are talking to them. Attention is a simple but very important gift we can give to the ones who mean a lot to us and it doesn’t cost a dime.

Make sure you put away anything that might distract you from the person you are talking to! Lean forward, open up your arms and let your feet rest on the ground: use your body language to show that you are 100% present and you are not going anywhere. It will help you focus as well when your mind starts worrying about a deadline or an unresolved problem. Observe how your spouse, kids, relatives, or close friends look in these moments like you have never seen them before and ask questions that will help them open up about something they might hesitate to tell you.

Involve them in other areas of your life

When our work gets too complex we don’t feel like talking about it anymore. You might say, my kids are too young to understand or my parents are too old to relate to what you are going through. Yes, they probably won’t solve the problem your production team is facing or tell you what you should write in that press release you are about to send out. But you are not sitting in a meeting, right?

It is more than enough to tell a simplified version of what is happening in your office and be open about your feelings at work. They will be happy to get a grasp of what’s happening with you during the time you are away and maybe by simplifying the issue you realize that it is not that big of a crisis. Appreciate the time with the ones you can truly be vulnerable with and make sure you know about their secret wishes and deepest worries as well.

After all, that’s what families are for.

Do Your Friends Help You Succeed or Make You Fail?

Do Your Friends Help You Succeed or Make You Fail?

As Jim Rohn famously said, we are the average of the five people we spend the most time with. It is hard to tell which friends will grow with us as time passes and which ones will stagnate and try to stop us from succeeding as well. You might have some frenemies at this moment who seem to be supporting you but in reality make a negative impact on your mood, attitude, or decisions. They might have persisted in your life because you grew up together or because you feel like you owe them, but if they hold you back, it is probably time to say goodbye.

Does success change people?

There are a lot of things you can tolerate in a friend – jealousy is not one of them. True friends will help you get higher even when they feel low and seeing you succeed won’t scare them away. They have a healthy self-esteem and they want to be surrounded with people who grow, just like you, instead of trying to bring them down to their own level.

Stick to people who are genuinely happy to hear about your success stories and say good things about you behind your back.

Selfish love

Just like any human being, you could also make a mistake once in a while but if your friend chooses you for who you are and not for your status or your bank account, then they should be able to accept your apology. When you’re going through hard times, life will teach you some great lessons and one of the most valuable ones is that you’ll know who is there for you.

It is okay to have people on your contact list only because they are beneficial for your future and who think the same way about you. But they shouldn’t be in your inner circle.

The art of handling distance

If you have moved to another city, state, or country at least once or your schedule is basically a series of business trips then you know how it feels when months pass without meeting people who once were part of your everyday life. You soon start to delay calling them until you have a better network and more time or energy to talk and that moment just goes further and further away. So before the months become years, just give them a 5-minute call before your next flight takes off.

Sometimes distance can come handy when you have to evaluate your relationship with a person but too much might make you strangers to each other. Nevertheless, if you keep in touch once in a while, then meeting again will feel like you never left.

Reactions tell a lot

Negativity is contagious and it is the number one thing that sabotages your growth. It can seem like a good intent of giving an advice or a series of friendly complaints. It might be the hardest decision of all to keep distance from people you have a history with who turn out to prevent you from living as happily and successfully as you possibly can.

However, you can easily spot these people just by saying a neutral statement about something that happened to you or you look forward to. For example, you might say I am flying to Europe and I will have a 12 hours flight. They can react to that by saying “Oh, that’s great! You will finally have some time off! Enjoy your time on board!” or they can say “Uh, that’s horrible, so boring! What are you even going to do for such a long time?”

You decide which one you would want to hear more in your daily conversations. Negative comments can be really subtle as well, but you have to spot them in order to eliminate the unwanted mindset from your most important relationships. Some people intend to change and you can have a positive impact on their lives with just a little effort and they will be grateful for it. Others will run in circles and will be against your growth. Once you spot this pattern, no matter how hard it may seem it is time to say goodbye.

You are the only person who has control over your life, so stay positive, and spend it with people who make you improve!

5 Ways to Raise Successful Children

5 Ways to Raise Successful Children

Every parent’s dream is to see their children outperform them and become more successful than they ever imagine. If you are a person with high ambitions then you set the bar high with your own example and will have high expectations for your children too. None of us went to parenting school and finding the right amount of challenge a child can handle in a specific age is not easy. There is no manual for raising a child but teaching them a few values and attitudes early can give them a huge advantage later in life.

The importance of a growth mindset

Appreciating our children is an important part of helping them build a healthy self-esteem but it can be misleading too if we encourage them for a wrong attitude. If we attach specific characteristics to our children like being talented or smart, it might make them feel confident at first but later on, they will start comparing themselves with others and putting themselves on a scale. If they are constantly trying to be better than their peers and they don’t feel they are enough, they won’t have an independent mindset and self-assurance to carry out their own projects as an adult.

To the contrary, if we compliment them for the efforts they made for a good grade or the fact that they tried multiple times to solve a complex problem they will develop an attitude for persistence and constant learning. They will appreciate the results of their hard work and might help others too instead of always competing with them.

Be a parent, not a boss

Parents who don’t give their children the freedom of choice early enough or tell them to do things „because I said so” will raise kids who won’t have confidence to speak up in the room and who fail to keep their lives under their own control. Growing up with these limitations, it will be extremely hard for them to question authoritarian figures and to become leaders in their career.

Every parent is afraid that their children won’t listen to them. But being too controlling or letting them do whatever they want without any guidance can be harmful in the long term, even if it doesn’t seem like a big deal right now. No matter how many times your little ones ask Why? you need to be patient enough to answer. After all, successful entrepreneurs are the ones who question every rule set for them.

Let yourself be vulnerable

Many parents tell only their success stories to their kids because they want them to look up to them, however, children learn just as well from mistakes as from bright moments. Don’t create an illusion of a linear story of success! Instead, teach them how they should hold on to their goal without giving up and share your failures and hard moments from your life. They will have more respect for you if they hear the whole story and they will be inspired by your efforts and your honesty.

Involve them early

Never kill the curiosity of your children by telling them they are too small to understand something. You don’t need to tell them how much savings you keep on your bank account or explain to them how to pay their taxes when they can’t even count till hundred, but telling them how many different expenditures and income sources you have will make them feel involved and encourage them to be future focused.

The way you talk about wealth is a huge influence on the money-mindset of your kids. If you attach fear and worry to talking about financial affairs then they will develop an attitude of avoidance and it will be hard for them to manage their future income. Whether they will save desperately or spend carelessly, the way they handle their finances will mirror the attitude they saw in the household they grew up in. You don’t need to be wealthy in order to raise successful children but you need to give them the right way of thinking about money.

Let them be children

As the internet age gets more and more demanding we put ourselves into a constant race and we might make our children feel overwhelmed as well. We create a schedule of extracurricular activities for them that we think will develop the right skills and later we realize that they don’t have any time to play and they are almost as stressed out as we are.

Exposure can have an amazing impact on these tiny humans but we have to let them experiment with whatever they feel like trying. Not everything they do needs to have direct benefits on their abilities: If a sports class or a creative lesson can divert their attention from their phones than it has already done its job.

We are forever learning and we don’t need to know everything better than our children. Dare to share the personal growth lessons with them you just learnt yesterday and listen to what they have to say. They might just teach you something too!