Only those who dream truly big think beyond their lives on this Earth and wish to leave a legacy that persists beyond them. You don’t need to be the next Albert Einstein in order to be remembered (although, that helps too) but there are a few values you ought to live by.

Give more than you’re asked

People come and go: some will be missed, some will be forgiven, and some will be forgotten. But the one thing that’s sure is that you will always remember the ones who helped you in life. It doesn’t always have to be your money or your time. Sometimes, your knowledge is the biggest gift that you can share with others.

If you want to be grateful to the ones who had moved you up the ladder in your career, give back by mentoring others. Never be possessive about the wisdom you have encountered over the years because you learn the best way by sharing, and thus, others can benefit from it too. The next time they would be asked to recommend somebody for an event or an interview, you will be the first person on their mind because of the impact you left while devoting a little time to their growth.

Don’t complain, fix it!

Most people just complain about the problems they see in the world without ever taking action. Of course, you don’t have to fight global warming and famine alone, and you don’t need to adopt all the homeless people in your city, but you should only complain about the issues that you take action about. You can pick your own cause by asking yourself: What makes me angry in the world? Is it inequality? Is it littering? Is it something that the media has never paid attention to till now?

Once you have your answer it will be much easier to put your frustration into use and take one small step towards fixing it. Educate yourself, be creative, and you will find a way to make things better or at least raise attention to the issue. Who knows, maybe if you lead by example you will start an epidemic that gets further than you thought it ever would.

Integrity above everything

No passion can stand above the value of integrity. Even if you fail a few times or you go against the crowd, when people think back and mention your name you want them to talk about you as the most honest person they knew. There will be temptations on the way when you would know that breaking your principles would get you a high gain, but you have to stay strong.

While staying true to your integrity the first and most important step is to stay true to yourself. We all tell little lies to ourselves once in a while in order to feel better or make others satisfied. You need to discover these hidden clues and separate them from your inner voice so that you can make the right decision.

Dare to be different

Once you got through the trial of self-doubt, it is time to get a little… crazy. No man has ever achieved anything big while following the rules of society. They are just guidelines made by other men who, after all, were no smarter than you.

The great figures of history were often criticized, ridiculed, and doubted. They all had a little madness in them that fueled their passion and gave them strength to say no and to trespass the limitations of others who feared change.

Never stop creating

Out of a thousand tries, you might create your masterpiece at Version 989 but your efforts will not be in vain. As long as you keep a balance between your purpose and your relationships, your hard work will pay off and you will have people to celebrate it with when you hit the jackpot.

A legacy doesn’t necessarily have to be achieved by building rocket ships or painting the ceiling of the greatest cathedral. It can be anything that gives people a sense of meaning, beauty, or belonging. Be brave enough to express whatever is inside of your heart even if it’s not profitable or particularly useful to you. The point is that you left a footprint somewhere in the world that gives value to others.