When schedules get longer and responsibilities grow bigger it becomes a challenge to take care of family relationships. They are the ones who are there for us at times of overcoming failure and celebrating success and we do the same for them as much as we can. However, sometimes we need to sacrifice some family events, which is alright as long as we pay attention to these significant habits in our homes.

Commit to a few rituals

Each relationship and family have their own rules and customs that support a healthy family life, which might differ completely from your neighbours and friends. Some find it important to have breakfast together or talk about their days over dinner, some go out for a weekly family date no matter what comes up. Maybe it’s just a special kind of greeting or the notes you leave for each other on the fridge. It can be the time spent together or just expressing love in simple ways and paying attention to each other. Even if it takes two seconds before leaving the house in the morning, it can make a lot of difference and help stay close to our loved ones.

These bonds will give a solid foundation to our lives so that we can handle any change. If you have healthy relationships with the ones in your household and the people closest to you then you will have more strength to face conflicts at work and more energy to take risks. Family rituals are one of the best tools to strengthen these connections and the more meaningful and dynamic they are the better they work.

Manage your time attention

You wouldn’t get angry at people who are chasing their dreams and don’t have as much time to spend with you like they used to. But you would get disappointed at someone who sits across the table and checks his phone or stares at something else while you are talking to them. Attention is a simple but very important gift we can give to the ones who mean a lot to us and it doesn’t cost a dime.

Make sure you put away anything that might distract you from the person you are talking to! Lean forward, open up your arms and let your feet rest on the ground: use your body language to show that you are 100% present and you are not going anywhere. It will help you focus as well when your mind starts worrying about a deadline or an unresolved problem. Observe how your spouse, kids, relatives, or close friends look in these moments like you have never seen them before and ask questions that will help them open up about something they might hesitate to tell you.

Involve them in other areas of your life

When our work gets too complex we don’t feel like talking about it anymore. You might say, my kids are too young to understand or my parents are too old to relate to what you are going through. Yes, they probably won’t solve the problem your production team is facing or tell you what you should write in that press release you are about to send out. But you are not sitting in a meeting, right?

It is more than enough to tell a simplified version of what is happening in your office and be open about your feelings at work. They will be happy to get a grasp of what’s happening with you during the time you are away and maybe by simplifying the issue you realize that it is not that big of a crisis. Appreciate the time with the ones you can truly be vulnerable with and make sure you know about their secret wishes and deepest worries as well.

After all, that’s what families are for.